June 04, 2012

Sisters out to change the world, one swimsuit at a time

Not only did I create Veronica Brett with my sister in mind, I now have two sisters spreading the word.

“Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters…”

I still smile whenever I think of this song and envision my sisters Regina and Mary acting out the song and dance number from White Christmas. 

It’s a routine from my childhood that manages to get replayed whenever two or more Brett sisters (full disclosure, there are six of us!) get together and start acting silly.  Sometimes it’s Theresa, Joan or Maureen getting into the act, while Regina is usually the instigator of the song. Falling at the tail end of the family, I tend more toward giggling and being amused by the others, although on occasion I have kicked up my heels and joined in.

The latest sisters inspiring me to smile right now are Deb and Randi, sisters united in their passion to help fellow breast cancer survivors.

I first met Debra Redett back in May, when I was fitting her for a post-mastectomy swimsuit.  We hit it off right away and she started telling me about her sister, Randi Scott, also a breast cancer survivor.  Not only was Deb thrilled with the post-surgical tankini I sold her, she wanted to tell the world about my swimsuits (well, maybe not the world, but most of Connecticut!).

“These are such sexy swimsuits.  Breast cancer survivors need to know about these!”  Deb said at our first meeting.  Her enthusiasm was contagious, she convinced both her sister Randi and me.

Now, only about six weeks later, the sisters are on a roll:

First, they visited boutiques and told them about my swimwear collection created especially for survivors. Next thing you know, Veronica Brett swimwear is in Darien Sport Shop, Lady Olga’s, Soleil Toile, The Boutique at Smilow and Whispers.  Whew!  Not bad for two sisters out spreading the word.

Then came a trunk show at Darien Sport Shop followed by a front-page feature in the New Haven Register. (Front page on a Sunday no less!) An interview with Gillian Neff for 12 on Health brought us all together.

Fellow breast cancer survivor Ann DeMatteo interviewed Deb and Randi (now officially know as “brand ambassadors”) in their home.  They explained to Ann they felt it was karma that we met.  Not only did they both survive breast cancer, they lost their mother to ovarian cancer.  Like me, breast and ovarian cancer seems to run in their family. 

It is somehow fitting that I have two sisters spreading the word about my swimwear, after all, it was my sister Regina (a 15-year breast cancer survivor) who was the original inspiration for my swimwear collection.  What’s next for the sisters and Veronica Brett?

The Looking Forward Fashion Show in New Haven at Anthony’s Ocean View where two of my swimsuits will be featured in the runway portion of the evening.  Deb will model the Convertible Bandeau and Erica (who I get to meet tomorrow for the first time) will model the Halter

It was breast cancer that drew these sisters closer together and breast cancer that brought them to me.  Now, they are off to help other women like themselves.

Like the song goes, “all kinds of weather, we stick together...”







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