June 20, 2011

The Blog is Back!

We’re talking baseball, boys, breasts and business, although not necessarily in that order…


The Blog is Back!

The difficulty in being a mom, an entrepreneur and running a successful business is trying to do everything.  But what woman doesn't know that?

Back when I launched Veronica Brett just over one year ago (has it really only been a year?) I started a blog.  Then it became an occasional blog.  Then it...

Well, let's just say this is my first blog post since last October.  So, that makes me a former blogger once returned?

Beginning now I'll attempt to find my writing voice and keep this blog thing going on a weekly, er, make that regular basis.

I hope to write on the things that made me tick:

-Breast Cancer:  Latest research, treatment updates, upcoming events

-Fashion:  Spotting the trends, what's new on the streets in New York, what's new with Veronica Brett

-Being a Mom:  Finding and sharing enjoyment in my most important role

-Entrepreneurial Stuff:  That's right, "stuff".  Technical term for various information and lessons I learned along the way that might be useful for other new businesses

and last but not least...

-Baseball:  Because if you don't have something that returns you to the joy of your  youth, you really should.  So, be prepared to hear a lot about the Indians, occasionally about the Yankees, and (probably) never about the Mets.

After all, how did that Manhattan Mini Storage ad on the NYC subway go?  "Why leave a city that has six professional sports teams, and the Mets?"

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