April 19, 2012

Tory Burch Foundation / Accion USA Gives Women Entrepreneurs Inspiration and Sound Business AdviceĀ 

As a solo entrepreneur, sometimes I wonder why I am in New York, among the most expensive cities in which to live.  Not exactly the ideal place to start a business.  Or is it?
NYC does present opportunities that don’t exist elsewhere.
Take this morning for instance. I got a great dose of inspiration at the Tory Burch Foundation / Accion USA event at the Tory Burch showroom. I heard Mickey Drexler, CEO of J. Crew, speak to a group of (mostly) women entrepreneurs.  
To hear Mickey Drexler and Tory Burch offer their advice: priceless. 
Here are a few inspirational tips from J Crew's Mickey Drexler:

  • Read the biography on Steve Jobs. All entrepreneurs should read this
  • Make it simple, change your customers' lives.  (with your product, fashions, whatever)
  • “If I’m thinking it, it is.” Probably the best quote of the day from Mickey.  A firm reminder that everything starts with an idea somewhere.  He seems like a guy that makes ideas happen.
  • “Just have great goods.” (ie create great products)
  • “Focus-focus-focus.” "Stay niche, stay true." (my personal favorite)

From Tory Burch: 
  • Social media should be pure authenticity, not promotions.
  • Use your blog for inspiration, even talk about other designers and their work. 
Thanks to today’s event organizers, Ms. Burch, and Mr. Drexler, for today’s inspiration and wake up call.
I had an idea to change women's lives. I'm making it happen, even in one of the most expensive -- and exhilarating -- cities in the world. 






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